SLA Report Automation Using Smart Contracts: Wolf Town

The growth of the digital services market is increasing the importance and scalability of managing exceptions to service-level agreements (SLAs). Wolf Town has developed the industry's first open standard smart contract to automate the generation of monthly SLA credit reports to free up valuable telecom staff currently tasked with preparing reports manually.

This session will demonstrate how this has been developed as a service for all telecoms that utilizes the latest blockchain, zero knowledge, and public chain technologies to ensure privacy and scale while automating SLA credit reporting.

Wolf Town
2023 MEF Accelerator

SLA Report Automation Using Smart Contracts

Automated SLA Reporting using an LSO smart contract, blockchain and LSO APIs:

  • Automated SLA Reporting using an LSO smart contract, blockchain, and LSO APIs.
  • Buyer and seller perspectives on automating SLA reporting.
  • Demonstration of use of shared trusted smart contract via LSO Trouble Ticketing & Incident API.
  • Panel Discussion: The use of a subscription service from MEF-Sage and onboarding additional partners.
  • Q&A

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