Conference Topics

World-class speakers converge at GNE for three days of conference sessions accelerating the evolution of secure Network-as-a-Service offerings, platforms, and ecosystems.

GNE’s business-oriented Conference Agenda focuses on these key areas:

Evolution of NaaS Services

  • NaaS Industry Progress Report—A Year in Review​
  • Top NaaS Use Cases: On-Demand Connectivity, Application Assurance, Cybersecurity, Multi-Cloud Connectivity​
  • The NaaS End-User Experience—What to Expect Today and Tomorrow​
  • Evolution of NaaS Subscription- and Consumption-based Billing Options​
  • How SPs Can Drive Revenue, Value, and Productivity with NaaS Transformation​
  • Accelerating NaaS with genAI​
  • Advanced NaaS—Automated Security Risk, Service Failure, Impairment, and Maintenance Notifications​

NaaS Ecosystem Automation & Expansion

  • 360 Degree View of the Global NaaS Ecosystem​
  • Ecosystem Players​
  • MEF’s NaaS Industry Blueprint and State of the Industry Report on Automation​
  • Incorporating Campus NaaS into the End-to-End Frictionless Experience​
  • The Evolution of Wholesale NaaS​
  • Onboarding Cloud-based Vendor Solutions into the NaaS Ecosystem​
  • Standards: NaaS Use Cases Involving MEF, TM Forum, and CAMARA​
  • Meeting Enterprise Needs with NaaS with Intent-Based Networking APIs​
  • Enabling App Developers to Interact with NaaS Provider Networks​

Cybersecurity & NaaS

  • Cybersecurity Market Update​
  • Risks and Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity​
  • Enterprise Network Transformation Journey: SD-WAN > SASE > NaaS​
  • Integrating SASE Security into NaaS Offering Bundles​
  • Emerging SASE Certifications and What They Mean for End-Users​
  • NaaS, SASE, and Cybersecurity Insurance…​
  • Securing the Automated Supply Chain for NaaS ​
  • Continual, Holistic Cybersecurity with NaaS​