Next Generation Billing for On-Demand Services: Stone Panther

Inter-carrier transactions rely on a mix of automated and manual processes, the latter of which can be complex, expensive, and time sensitive. It relies on human intervention and is prone to manual error, slow dispute resolution, long payment cycles, and exposure to fraud. Existing frameworks are slow to adopt and support emerging traffic types, such as bandwidth on demand, edge network slices, or critical IoT, on which future digital services growth will be based. The evolution of an operational and commercial settlement infrastructure at the wholesale level is critical to underpin network innovation.

Stone Panther brings together leading service providers to explain how they are using smart contracts to enable the most advanced form of billing for on-demand services.

Stone Panther
2023 MEF Accelerator

Next Generation Billing for On-Demand Services

An operational solution based on smart contracts and blockchain to manage a mutually endorsed source of truth for both Buyer and Seller for inventory matching and automated settlement of fixed line data services.

  • Overview of the current working solution.
  • Demonstration.
  • Panel Discussion: Scaling up for large numbers of carriers.
  • Q&A

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