Transacting Edge Compute Services: Hot Mongoose

As the result of the growth in 5G deployment, the telecommunications industry has been paying more attention to edge computing as a potential value-add service driving new revenues for both the telcos and cloud providers. Increasingly, enterprises need a larger edge computing footprint from their preferred service provider. Enabling retail service providers to supplement their own telco edge coverage with edge computing services from wholesale partners is the obvious solution.

The challenge is that business automation between telco edge operators is not currently based on open, standardized APIs with standardized edge computing data schemas. Hot Mongoose brings together some of the world's leading telco edge providers to reach consensus on using open, standardized LSO APIs together with a MEF-endorsed data schema describing the required edge computing service.

Hot Mongoose
2023 MEF Accelerator

Transacting Edge Compute Services

Transacting IaaS using LSO APIs and MEF edge compute standards for multi-provider edge compute footprints on demand:

  • Overview of the most important use cases today.
  • Demonstration of extending edge compute footprints using LSO APIs.
  • Panel Discussion: The impact on different markets of multi-provider edge compute footprints.
  • Q&A

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