Scott Johnson

Sage Management, President
Featured Speaker

Scott Johnson co-founded Sage in 2004 to help telecom carriers, enterprises, and government agencies reduce costs and streamline operations. In his role at Sage, Scott is part of a team that pioneered analytics and blockchain-based solutions to simplify business processes, proactively eliminate telecom errors, and verify network inventory. Scott continues to be a leading voice for industry innovation. He has authored numerous articles about how businesses can leverage emerging technologies to transform business processes. In addition to his hands-on business experience, Scott attained advanced blockchain certificates from Cornell and Georgetown.

About Sage Management

Sage is the telecom auditing and blockchain firm trusted by the world’s largest carriers, government, and large enterprise markets. Sage began in the carrier space in 2004 auditing off-net invoices for AT&T, Lumen, and Verizon, and has since saved customers over $4B. Today, Sage’s service offering provides for rated network inventory, auditing, and blockchain, all maintained and managed in our proprietary software tool, inFuse. Our blockchain solution enables clients to streamline their telecommunications ordering, billing, and service level agreement enforcement needs. We provide both a strategic and tactical roadmap for executing a blockchain initiative and through our savings efforts, in many cases, can self-fund just such a deployment.

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