Raleigh Mann

Williams Sonoma, SVP Technology
Featured Speaker

Raleigh Mann has been at the forefront of networking and infrastructure for 30+ years. Early in his career, he worked for Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) as a network analyst in the early days of the public Internet, then on to America Online just prior to the explosive growth of Dial-UP Internet.
He then moved to the West Coast and created the networking and security team at Industrial Light + Magic (a Lucasfilm company) – where high-performance computing systems were in huge demand for special effects in the film industry. After 7 years and completion of the technical studios at the Presidio campus, Raleigh joined Google’s production networking team.
While at Google and with 10x+ growth year over year, this team designed and launched the first large-scale SD-WAN/OpenFlow (B4 network), continuing on to implement and manage SDN in the data center as well, utilizing their own hardware and software. This team was also recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with multiple EMMY(™) awards for their work on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, capable of broadcasting nearly all events live and globally through the Google/YouTube systems, orders of magnitude more capability than the 2010 Olympics.