Arun Dev

Equinix, Vice President and Global Head of Digital Interconnection
Featured Speaker

Arun Dev is a transformational Product & Engineering Executive with a track record of building resilient, scalable, and high-performance Cloud services. Arun is currently the Vice President and Global Head of Digital Interconnection at Equinix. He is responsible for the overall profitability and growth of Equinix’s Digital Interconnection products globally including management of the existing portfolio and new product innovation. Arun leads global Product and Engineering teams that are focused on building & running Equinix’s market leading Fabric, Internet Exchange, Internet Access, Precision Time and Metro Connect products.

Arun is passionate about building Engineering, Product & SRE teams with a culture centered on client success, inclusiveness, diversity, efficient execution, automation, and innovation. He likes the challenge of building new teams or transforming existing teams using metrics, monitoring, and alerting to measure & improve operational processes and performance. Prior to joining Equinix, Arun held Executive & Leadership roles at IBM and Royal Bank of Canada.